Jim Goon

Jim Goon

Owner of Blue Sky Tech

Extensive Business Experience

Jim Goon, owner of Blue Sky Tech, brings over 25 years of technological experience as a fortune 500 engineer, an inter-department liaison and IT Consultant.  He gained a solid background in the technology industry working as a process development engineer and a software development team lead with Texas Instruments.

Continuous Process Improvement

While at TI that he saw the opportunity to improve the transfer of information between different groups that had a common interest: to build an integrated circuit in the most cost-effective way.  Working with multi-discipline teams led to a software tool that saved Texas Instruments tens of millions of dollars per year for several years. His ability to be an effective communicator between manufacturing and design departments led to designs which could be manufactured more efficiently. Jim uses the same analytical skills to help small business owners identify and improve repetitive business processes.  This can result in more effective business processes that can save time and money.

Finding the Best Solution

With a diverse client base of SOHOs (Small Office / Home Office) and small businesses, Jim brings a sincere passion for the education and ongoing maintenance of his client’s IT environment. He specializes in the ability to assess and streamline processes involving hardware, software and internal procedures. Through process analysis, Jim teaches his clients how to optimize any business process. From something as simple as the most cost effective printing of labels to more efficient data organization, his assessments save time and money. Jim offers a full range of services from hardware and software support, “end of life” hardware assessments, new equipment hardware and software; along with a comprehensive managed services product, starting from simple monitoring to full coverage. As a fully licensed and bonded professional, Jim offers not only the management of your data, but the security of it as well. It is his goal is to provide his clients the tools to effectively utilize their own electronic world as safely and efficiently as possible. Finally, Jim holds firm to the philosophy that hardware trends will come and go, it is the customers’ data that has the value. In keeping with this philosophy, his services are geared toward finding the best solution for his clients and not in the selling of new hardware.

Strong Educational Background

Jim holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, a MBA with an emphasis in Information Systems from the University of Dallas and holds A+, MCSA 2003, MCSA SQL Server 2012 and Security+ certifications. Jim’s dedication to continual improvement and lifelong learning is demonstrated though his commitment to staying on top of the new technology!