Data Recovery

Recovering Your Data

We Prefer To Restore From Backup

Nothing replaces a good backup.  There are several ways to lose data.  Your hard disk might die.  You can get infected with ransomware.  Nothing replaces a good backup.  How do you know if you have a good backup?  You have to test it.  You want to know that you can recover data from a backup before you NEED to recover data from a backup.  If you don’t KNOW you have a good backup, you don’t have a good backup.

In Many Cases We Can Recover Data From Non-Booting Systems

The average life of a hard disk is approximately 4 years.  Computer problems do not magically go away.  If your computer doesn’t start cleanly every time you should have it checked.  It is telling you that it has a problem.  If you wait until it can’t tell you it has a problem, you have a bigger problem. 

If We Cannot Recover Your Data, We Know Who Can (It Costs More)

When we connect a failed hard drive to our recovery system, if we can see the hard drive we can usually recover the data.  If we can’t see your hard drive on our system you have a bigger problem.  At this point we would need to send it out to a company that specializes in recovering data.  They have a special clean room where they would take the hard drive apart to recover data.  This can be very expensive.  This is why a good backup is so important.